Steam Stone Flavor StackChallenging the traditional ideals of hookah, SHIAZO Shisha Steam Stones provide hookah smokers with the same great flavor and thick clouds as average tobacco, minus the health risks associated with smoking. SHIAZO can be used in any hookah, anywhere, as it is exempt from all indoor smoking bans.

German engineering, as well as extensive research and development, has resulted in our top-of-the-line hookah product that will transform the hookah world, forever.

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Flavor Infused Hookah Steam Stones

Traditional hookah tobacco contains glycerine, molasses, flavoring and tobacco leaves. SHIAZO Shisha Steam Stones replaces the tobacco leaf medium with a 100% natural, extremely pure, raw mineral. This carefully selected mineral is extremely porous and soaks up the glycerine and flavoring like a sponge. To ensure the highest possible smoke quality and duration, SHIAZO is processed via the PIM (Pressure Injection Method) where it is put under extreme pressure when the glycerine and flavoring is applied. This allows the deepest pores of the mineral to be filled, and provides a unmatched hookah experience.

When heat is applied to the hookah head containing SHIAZO, the aromafluids contained inside reach their boiling point and effectively vaporize into a thick, flavorful steam. As the steam is drawn through the hookah it is cooled down so that each puff is a satisfyingly fresh burst of cool flavor.

Indoor Smoking Indoor Steaming

SHIAZO simulates smoke but does not generate it. The operating principle of SHIAZO is identical to the so called electronic cigarettes. In both cases an evaporation of fog liquids takes place.

Thereby no solids and no fine dust are generated but only fine liquid particles as steam. Shiazo does not generate smoke, because smoke is a mixture of solids and air. Shiazo is also free of nicotine.

By using SHIAZO with an electrical coal instead of charcoal also no PAH, heavy metals and no carbon monoxide occur.

Thus SHIAZO is comparable to an electronic cigarette and is in addition to that completely free of nicotine.

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